Welcome to your Evergreen Info Kit!

A Message from Matina & Family

In this Info Kit we have provided you with information and tools you need to answer 3 BIG QUESTIONS before you apply.

Read through it from start to finish, or skip around to the parts that help you most - the purpose of this Info Kit is to help you determine whether or not Evergreen Academy is a fit for your family.

Evergreen is not for everyone and that's OK! No matter the outcome, we hope that you find this process valuable in narrowing your search for the educational options and outcomes that you are looking for!

We're so glad you are here. If you have additional questions after reviewing the contents of this Info Kit, feel free to reach out!

3 Big Questions to Answer Before Applying

So, what is Evergreen all about?

Question #1

Is Evergreen a good fit for my family?

Question #2

Is now the right time to apply?

Question #3