The Evergreen Audition Process. Ready to get started?

Begin your family's journey today.

Our audition process has 2 simple parts.

This process is designed to make sure that we are the right school to serve the life-long learning needs for your child and your family. We recognize that we ask you to dedicate time and thought to the process. Families who are thriving in our community often share that they truly enjoyed the process, and we hope you do too.

Part A - Online Application

First you'll complete a 3-step Online Application:

  • Each of the steps has no more than 5 simple questions
  • Can begin this at any time, regardless of your child's age or readiness...And we have a rolling enrollment process, so once accepted, your child can start at the beginning of any one of our 6-week Sessions
  • If your young learner is too young or not ready for Step 3: Formal Entry, you'll have the option to submit your Step 1 + 2 to qualify for the Waitlist
  • You'll remain on the Waitlist until your child is ready to complete Step 3 of your online application

Part B - Informal Interview

Once Step 3 is submitted, your application will be reviewed within 48 hours and you may be invited to schedule an in-person Informal Interview and Readiness Assessment:
  • We'll schedule this no later than 1-3 months prior to ideal Start Date
  • Opportunity for you to get to know our team and ask us any questions or address concerns in a 1-on-1, face-to-face meeting
  • We'll also do an informal interview where we'll assess your child's readiness to thrive in our learning environment


  • After the Informal Interview & Readiness Assessment, your child may be invited to become a part of our learning community. If you accept the invitation, we'll kick off the Enrollment & Onboarding process as we prepare to welcome your child on their first day!